Activity Two

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Composing Activity

For this activity students will all be given a choice of several four chord loops on garage band. Students will be required to create a bass line, melodic line and counter melody that suits the chosen four chord loop and the genre of popular music. The piece must be around 2 minutes long.

Step One:
Choose a loop (these are garage band files)
Loop 1
Loop 2
Loop 3
Loop 4

Step Two:
Think about the instrumentation you wish to use and that would best fit into the popular music genre

Step Three:
Create several different tracks such as a main melody, counter melody and bass line.

Step Four:
Once your piece is finished export the midi file and make sure it is an mp3

Step Five:
Add this file to a new page on your WordPress accounts under the heading ‘Activity Two – Composition’

Things to Think About

  • When composing your piece remember to think about texture, in particular, layering. You wouldn’t want to have the piece constantly having the same layers playing.
  • Do not limit yourself to one main melody, counter melody and bass line. You can change to a new main melody with a different counter melody as well.
  • Think about adding instruments that are melodic that will play a more rhythmic role.
  • Think about which instruments will complement others well – think about tone colour/timbre

Help With Garage Band

How to select new sounds:

  • Look to the right of the screen and you will see an instrument browser underneath the piano picture. To change the sound of any track, click the desired sound from the list on the right while having the track selected.GB1

How to make a new track:

  • To select a new track to compose on click on ‘track’ and then click on ‘new track’, then the new track will appear in the track region.GB2

How to record:

  • If you are using a midi keyboard and want to record yourself playing over the looped chords just go to the bottom of the screen and press the red record button.pic 3 GB



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