Activity One

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Group Performance

Step One
Students will be spilt up into groups of 4-5 members

Step Two
Groups will choose a piece to perform that falls under one of these sub-genres of popular music.

Sub-Genres of Popular Music

Acid House                
Adult Contemporary          
Alternative Rock
Blue Grass                  
Big Band                                
Blues Rock                  
Bubblegum pop/rock        
Chinese Rock
Country Music          
Desert Rock
Easy Listening Music          
Electronic Music      
Elevator Music                      
Folk Music                              
Goth Rock                  
Hip Hop
House Music            
Industrial Rock                      
Indie Rock
Music Hall                              
New Age
New Wave                
Pop Music                              
Progressive Rock
Rock n’ Roll              
Rhythm and Bass                
Rhythm and Blues
Smooth Jazz
Soul Music                
Tin Pan Alley
Traditional Pop Music        
World Music

This table of sub-genres can be found in the St Mary’s Program for Popular Music 

Step Three
Students will then perform that piece in the style of another sub-genre of popular music found within the list above.

For Example

Here is Macklemore’s Thrift Shop – This is Hip Hop/ Pop style

This is Postmodern Jukebox performing Thrift Shop in Jazz/ Ragtime style

Step Four
Once students have formed their new arrangement of their chosen piece they will film themselves (using the schools filming equipment).

Step Five
Students will then upload their film onto YouTube and create their own WordPress account where they play the original piece, their new version and write about their performance and arranging process.

Step Six
Then students will view each groups WordPress page and give appropriate feedback.

Information on Making an Arrangement

  • Make sure when choosing your piece that the sub-genre you are choosing to arrange the piece into is contrasting. e.g. Jazz and Rock, bubblegum pop and  show-tunes. Do NOT do combinations such as ragtime and jazz or Soul Music and Gospel.
  • To start arranging the piece into its new style/sub-genre think about that style/sub-genre’s main characteristics. E.g. looking at the given Thrift Shop example above Postmodern Jukebox took elements of jazz such as instrumentation where they had a double bass, piano, snare and vocalist. The bassist used elements such as walking bass and the vocalist used techniques such as vibrato and slides.
  • Make sure you keep the piece, in some ways, similar to the original so it can still be seen as an arrangement. For Example Postmodern Jukebox kept the same vocal melody, lyrics and roughly the same chord progression.
  • Here is a site that may help you think about constructing your arrangement  –  Click Here

Other Arrangement Examples

In My Head – Jason Derulo – Pop

Arrangement – Mayday Parade – Punk

Multiple pop pieces arranged to metal 


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