ACDC ‘Highway to Hell’

Popular Music
Years 9 & 10 Elective Music Students



Focus Content:
Students will focus on genre, as the teacher will show the original piece ‘Highway to Hell’ and then multiple covers performed in different genres/styles.



Highway to Hell composed by ACDC, Australian Composer.


The class will look at swung rhythms found in the jazz arrangement and learn about how rhythms can change the hole atmosphere of a piece.

Tone Colour
Students will learn how instrumentation and the way that an instrument is played can alter the sound of a piece extensively.

Learning Activities


Students will listen to the original ACDC piece ‘Highway to Hell’ and then will listen to the jazz cover created by Karen Lanaud. They will discuss how the jazz cover differs by looking at the concepts of duration and tone colour (more specifically instrumentation).



Students will choose a popular piece of music that they will perform in a small ensemble. They will change the instrumentation of the piece and perform it for the class. The class will then discuss how the change in instrumentation has altered the mood and atmosphere of the piece.

For Example:
Original – Hearts a Mess by Goyte

Cover – Katie Noonan


The students will each be given a simple four chord popular song to arrange in a different genre of their choice by altering a few of the music concepts. They will notate this in Garage Band using the record option and a midi controller.


Students research a piece of their choice and find two covers that have been arranged in different genres. They will present these pieces to the class and explain how and which concepts of music have been altered in order to arrange the piece in the differing genre.


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